I was just scrolling through Twitter and Rachel Kelly who is a Mental Health Activist/Ambassador for: Rethink, YoungMindsUK Counselling_fdn and CharitySANE, ((definitely recommend following)). She shared this image, Which I thought was the best thing ((even Urban Dictionary confirms that JOMO is now a thing!)) and thought related quite nicely on my previous blog post on FOMO.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 12.07.38This may take being an introvert to a whole new level but I think everyone should have just a tiny bit of JOMO now and again. I do love listening to a story that I wasn’t present at and seeing the joy it brings to other people!


Author: Youwishbailey's Blog

I am 20 and living the Cambridge life, hoping to share a few bits 'n bobs about my journey of mental illness. Generally sharing some of the ways I am coping ((or not coping)) in this 21st Century world - which, can I add is full of the 3 D's, Dramas, Dilemmas, and Dicks.

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