Self-care: Part 2

Another side to self-care…

First off, my featured image for todays post is arguably unrelated to the content but I struggled finding an image to reflect what I am writing about so am using it as an opportunity to share how unbelievably cute my dog is… I know right!

Okay let’s get to it..

Initially when I was first introduced to self-care I don’t know about you but I immediately think of painting my nails and brushing my hair, extremely girly and beauty based ideas that focus on my body rather than my head. I think that’s because I never really make time and have never really made time to do those sorts of things, ((I was more of the picker and biter of nails and the “can I get away with using dry shampoo for one more day if it is in a bun” type of person.))

So when I think of looking after myself I think of things very aesthetically… I don’t know why but that is what springs to my mind first. It is probably stemmed from the illusion that if you look good then you feel good too. This while it sounds nice and like it would work and admittedly it does on some occasions it is not always the case. I could be ready head to toe and look absolutely flawless but if I feel crap on the inside, what I look like on the outside will not matter one bit…trust me on that one.

Caring for myself is not ALL about treating myself to nice things and looking after myself on the outside ((note: that it’s still so important and I stand by the fact that bath bombs are fantastic)) but I also have to ensure that I take time to look after myself internally. Not just by nourishing my body with delicious food but also with amazing thoughts, I have to take a moment and think about what is going on in my head. I have to make sure that when I don’t have caring thoughts or I am slipping towards a more negative way of thinking and that I am quick to change and recognise what is going and give my-self a bit of love ((this is much much much easier said than done)). I do try remind myself of all things lovely though, most of the time it is helped alongside a cuddle with my puppy and a chat to friend, because what else can friends be used for other than to blow up your ego a little bit ((haha jokes I love you all)).

This part of self-care can often be forgotten about and is for sure the hardest, and definitely the aspect which I over look and needs the most work ((probably why I never think to do it)). I mean it is really not as easy as lighting a candle is it? It takes an alteration in thoughts, which if you are like me do not like being messed with. I am still learning ways to manage my “wobbly thoughts” and find out what works for me ((because they are still frequent and like yesterday can be very hard to deal with especially when any form of self-care doesn’t work at that time)). For example, telling myself “I am great” didn’t quite do the job, but counting my breaths definitely calms the chatter for a bit. I have learnt (the hard way) it is very much a trial and error type situation, which is taking a very long time but slowly I am creating a little list of different ways to look after me.

I would really love it if anyone has any ways they specifically deal with their wobbles, because I am starting to run out of ideas so need to pinch a few..message or comment!!!!

Lots of love xxx



Author: Youwishbailey's Blog

I am 20 and living the Cambridge life, hoping to share a few bits 'n bobs about my journey of mental illness. Generally sharing some of the ways I am coping ((or not coping)) in this 21st Century world - which, can I add is full of the 3 D's, Dramas, Dilemmas, and Dicks.

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