A trip to wimbledon

Being able to enjoy a really fun day out…ish…

I can’t believe it is already week 2 of Wimbledon, it only feels like yesterday that we were all guzzling pimms and consuming strawberries and cream, while good old Andy Murray raised that trophy…finger crossed he does it again!!! So I thought I would dedicate this blog post to it is amazingness ((as well as bits of it that aren’t so great.. every day out comes with its hiccups, especially a day out with the Baileys)).

When you are ill, physically or mentally, I think it is so important to carry on doing fun things and creating memories, just because illness is around does not mean our lives have to come to a complete halt (admittedly it does come with a few pauses). For me and my illness, trying to cope/manage, particularly the social aspects of the day, like all the crowds, food, that general buzz and intensity of the day, can quickly become very overwhelming and can often lead me to not even going through with the plans. That doesn’t mean though forcing yourself to do things that at the end of the day you just didn’t want to do, but it also means you shouldn’t avoid doing something altogether.

One key trick that I found over some very nasty trips out but also some fantastic trips is that it is ESSENTIAL to find the best travel companion and to find something you love to do! Luckily this was super easy for me since my mum is for sure my go to person and she loves loves loves tennis, so it was a match made in heaven. This didn’t mean the day was easy for me, trust me it was far from easy..but it definitely made it that bit easier and something I am really proud of myself for doing and enjoying all at the same time.

SoooOooo, Mum and I set off on our lovely quintessentially British day out to Wimbledon to nestle down into a day jam packed full of tennis on court no.2. To say the least we were very excited to be going back!!! Equipped with sun glasses, sun hats, gallons of sun cream and water…we were very prepared, or so we thought…


…4 HOURS LATER and at least 4 thousand trains later ((due to some major delays, at one point we even had to return to Cambridge and start the whole journey again..thankfully this was at the beginning, but there is something slightly demoralising about returning to the start. It felt a bit like losing a game of snakes and ladders, admittedly not the greatest start!!!)) we had finally arrived at Wimbledon. ((after a much needed revival costa)).  We eagerly found our seats, bear in mind at this point it was already 1:30pm and Heather Watson was successfully done and dusted on no.2 court so we had sadly missed that one. We put that thought aside and tried to enjoy Tsonga… I say tried.. we really tried..  After 45 minutes, the sun had quite literally out shown us. Sooooo, we retired to the shop.. yes, nothing like a good dose of retail therapy and some air con!!

A few souvenirs later, me and mum both looked at each other, not much was said but a few anxious looks to the sun, the crowds and the extremely shabby tennis lined up for court 2 we decided to admit defeat and go home. Yes, we are princesses when it comes to tennis and we are lucky enough and fortunate enough to be in the position to say ‘I will now only come if I am sitting in the royal box’.. jokes but there is definitely an ‘us and them’ culture at Wimbledon and we were definitely amongst the ‘thems’. Not fun.

HOWEVER!!! Things took a dramatically better turn for the later part of the afternoon. When on our way out we spied a fab game of ladies doubles on court no.9. We found a bench and a tiny bit of shade (Which made all the difference) we nested here for the rest of the afternoon. PLUS, kvitova was then moved on to court 2(!!!) At this point, slightly dehydrated and euphoric we had finally found some good tennis we finished the day on a high. Well until we realised that we had 3 minutes to get from King’s Cross underground to our train going back home to Cambridge.. after an Olympic sprint *massive shout out to mum here who moved like Usain* we made it, covered in sweat or wee I have no idea.

Adventures, whether they are good or bad, ((I am still trying to work out whether our trip to Wimbledon was either)) they can still go ahead and they can be fun – I can assure you that you will remember both. BUUUTTT everyone deserves some fun so go have some.

With a lot of love,







Author: Youwishbailey's Blog

I am 20 and living the Cambridge life, hoping to share a few bits 'n bobs about my journey of mental illness. Generally sharing some of the ways I am coping ((or not coping)) in this 21st Century world - which, can I add is full of the 3 D's, Dramas, Dilemmas, and Dicks.

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